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365 Days Learning a New Language - Key Takeaways from a Creative

Today I hit the one-year mark of using Duolingo! The first six weeks I had crammed beginners French before going on a two-week trip to Paris (which is covered in our new vlog - link below), which was extremely helpful, but after the trip was over, I didn’t feel the need to keep learning French…but as one who always pursues a good challenge, I switched gears and have been using Duolingo to learn Mandarin ever since.

I’ve learned some great lessons:

  1. Mandarin is a beautiful language with an elegance stemming from its efficiency. It’s a polished language that is concise with creative solutions for conveying a message quickly while maintaining strength.

  2. Opening myself up to a different way of speaking and structuring sentences offers an abundance of creative insight when writing and storytelling. It offers an alternative perspective you wouldn’t otherwise be privy to.

  3. Being exposed to different approaches to communicating similar messages has helped in exploring ways of pacing scenes in my video editing. The economical structure of Mandarin helps me maintain focus on the most critical message that needs conveying.

  4. Realizing how one wildly different pursuit can influence and strengthen other aspects of your personal and professional life is an amazing, addictive experience.

In summary: explore, experiment, and learn a new language, because you truly don’t know what roads it will lead you to.

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